Nude Year’s Resolutions

Forgive my failure as a graphic designer lol

What do nudists do in place of “New Year’s Resolutions”?

“Nude Year’s Resolutions”!

Sound like a bad dad joke?

I agree.

But seriously, since I have “regular” resolutions for my every day life, I might as well have some for my nudist life as well.

So here they are:

1. Participate in a club. I didn’t say “join” because I’m not sure the club I want to affiliate with is going to be a good fit. But I’d at least like to go to the clothed meet and greet and see what they are all about.

2. Do the nude 5k again, maybe twice. This goes along with some of my regular resolutions to get healthier and in better shape. It was also just fun!

I was a champion! Maybe not…

3. Try to get more participation from my wife and kids. My marriage is having some issues right now unfortunately, so even asking my wife to try it out again is a no go. She still is an at home nudist, but I’d like to encourage her to get back into outdoor and (if brave) social nudism again.

A long long time ago…

The kids are hit or miss, some go nude at home, some do not. I might take them back to the campground where they have to be nude in the pool. Swimming is always a good way to ease people in. They have asked to go back since we went three years ago, so I know there is (was) some interest.

4. Be more active on nudist related social media. I used to be in several forums, but when those gave way to the less anonymous social media I stopped being active. Maybe I can figure out a way to be more active on social media without having to come completely out of the closet.

5. Write more posts!! As I said above my marriage is a bit shaky, so I have been focused on it for the past several months. That doesn’t leave much time for leisure activities like writing blog posts. Especially on such a narrow topic.

I didn’t want to turn this page into bitching and moaning about my rough life! I have written a bit of poetry on my Steemit page that reflects my current feelings, but since they aren’t “nudist” in topic I felt maybe they are better posted over there.

Five isn’t a lot, but those seem very big in my mind. They are going to be a challenge!

Anyone else out there have “Nude Year’s Resolutions”?

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