Closet Nudism

Everyone knows I’m a nudist!

Life is naked rainbows…

Nope. Not even close.

Sure, a few close friends and family know about my propensity for being naked, but few know how much. I keep it in the closet for a multitude of reasons.

Partly because I just can’t be what I want to be with it.

I want to be a family nudist. I want to have nudist friends. I want to go camping and to the beach. I want to join clubs and socialize. I want it to just be my life.

Life goals. Source

But I can’t. My wife is anti-social, and nudity is vulnerability, and being vulnerable is scary. My kids go either way, but since it’s not a part of their lives (apart from my wife and my nudity at home, and occasionally theirs as well) it feels almost daunting to introduce social nudity now. The beaches are far away (and no one but me would participate) and camping is expensive. The local club? It’s all older people who are opposed to kids and singles and would rather play shuffleboard than do anything “fun.”

So I stay in the closet.

It doesn’t help that so many in the nudist world are overtly sexualizing it. It doesn’t help that groups exclude singles and children for fears that the first are only in it to ogle and the second may get them accused of abuse (or they just don’t want to be around kids as I was told). It doesn’t help that society is so opposed to the very idea of the unclothed body that beaches are nearly all textile. And it doesn’t help that campgrounds have to keep rates up to prevent riff-raff from coming in.

Nudism is a very guarded lifestyle. For being so open, it has a lot of fears and taboos. People fear losing jobs, losing respect, and losing their own kids if they are found out.

That’s one reason I started this blog. I want to remind nudists of what nudism really is about. I want to show the world that it’s not the kinky swinger lifestyle that so many outsiders think it is. But that guardedness makes it almost impossible.

Keepin’ it inside.

The desire to be politically correct and “inclusive” makes nudism just one more “weird” collection of social outcasts. It’s a fine line, trying to accept those who define themselves by their sexuality or fetishes, and trying to keep nudism pure and free from perversion.

That opinion won’t make me too popular among many nudists. “Acceptance” nowadays means outright support and agreement with whatever is being “tolerated”. If one states that they oppose whatever the popular culture is pushing they are met with epithets.

I don’t oppose people having the right to do what they want with their bodies. If they want to swing, be homosexual, have off-the-wall fetishes, that’s their prerogative.

There is a reason “OK, boomer” has become a thing. If you want to have a group of retirees and sit around doing whatever it is that older people do, go ahead and make a group for that.

But don’t bring it into nudism. Don’t be a voyeur or an exhibitionist. Don’t be a creep. Don’t be an ageist.

It’s the creeps and the overtly sexual people that keep my wife afraid. It’s the voyeurs and the exhibitionists that get singles excluded from groups. It’s the outright hostility of ageists that keep me from bringing my kids anywhere near a nudist campground, not to mention the aforementioned creeps.

If this sounds negative and frustrated, it is. I’m tired of being in the closet. I’m tired of feeling alone and crazy for enjoying simple nudity. I’m tired of being lumped in with creeps and weirdos.

It’s time to take nudism back from the crazies.


  1. Well said. The free-the-nipple movement is making progress across parts of the country, and there are slow movements to legalize and recognize nude beaches in some areas, but otherwise change is slow. And drone technology is scaring many indoors. But as the vcr in the 1980’s allowed ppl to watch R-movies in their own homes, changing their viewing habits, so cell phones have made the nude selfie a part of life for millions of younger Americans. Slowly attitudes toward nudism are changing, there’s a lot more positive press toward nudism, eventually many more ppl won’t worry who sees them naked and laws will change as more ppl embrace it. It may not happen in time for us to enjoy the benefits, but perhaps our children will.

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  2. I was hiking nude and had a guy operating a drone nearby. I threw on shorts, and talked to him (I may buy one in the future, to film nature) and later as I hiked a different direction and the drone zoomed my way, I decided to stay undressed. If he and friends see me hiking nude, they might try it. If it goes on the internet, no one know who that guy was anyway, and viewers might be encouraged to try it.

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  3. This is something that drives me a little bat shit crazy. It’s totally acceptable to see all sorts of horrible things on television, social media, and even in periodicals, but the moment someone is nude outside of the “normal” nude activities, everyone tends to lose their minds. You can even see nudity and sex scenes on television and no one bats an eye, but if you say that you prefer to live a nude lifestyle you’re immediately looked with surprise or shame. Like you, I feel the internet is somewhere that we can spread the true word of what nudism truly is through blogs, podcast, and social media outlets. Anyway, great write up! I look forward to reading more here!!


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