Naked Exploration

I miss my college years. Of course everyone says that, but I think they look back and remember being wild and crazy in college and see themselves as uptight and too “responsible” now. Not me. I’m the opposite. I was too uptight in college.

Perhaps nudism was the wild and crazy thing I did. I didn’t drink much, I didn’t party. But I was always nude when I could be. During my freshman year my roommate moved out after the fall semester, so I had the room alllll to myself for the spring semester. I almost became a hermit.

As a sophomore I wasn’t so lucky. Nonetheless, whenever he was out, I was nude. This did lead to some scrambling at times when his class got out early and he got to our room much sooner than expected. 😂 I’m not sure if he noticed or minded, he didn’t seem like the type to confront me though. I’m probably just a funny story he tells at dinner parties.

I miss those years not because I miss the freedom, I miss them precisely because I didn’t take advantage of the freedom. I took these photos at a local national forest in the middle of a wilderness. Towards the end of my senior year. I was so uptight and nervous for the first three and a half years I never took advantage of this beautiful place.

How many awesome experiences could I have had if I had just been a bit more bold and free with myself? I could have explored the whole forest! Perhaps I could have found like-minded people and had nude friends.

I know I recommend naturism in every circumstance, but I highly recommend it in the woods. Not only does it afford a fair amount of cover in case of unapproving killjoys (though not so much in these pics since they were taken in the early spring), it provides one with peace and a sense of oneness with nature.

I have never understood the whole long pants, long sleeves, hats, bandanas, gloves, and worst of all hiking boots mentality to exploring the outdoors. I get the impression those folks merely want to conquer nature, not experience it as a part of it.

When one is nude, there are innumerable sensations from the wind on one’s skin to the firmness of the ground under one’s feet. It’s not all pleasant sensations either. Sometimes you brush by a thornbush, sometimes you step on a pebble, sometimes the sun can be a bit too warm or the wind too chilly. Maybe I’m crazy, but I love all of the feelings, pleasant or not.

They remind me I’m alive. And my old, non-college student self needs to feel that way.

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