Naked Sales

I’m alive!

It seems like a million years since I posted here. Yet, despite my inactivity on here, I seem to keep a steady flow of readers. For that, I’m super grateful.

So what have I been up to? Well. A hellish divorce for one. But good things as well. I met someone who encouraged me in my art making and even got me into markets to sell my goods.

One thing she got me into was resin crafting. Initially I enjoyed making dice and jewelry, but then I discovered the fun of making coasters and trays. Pretty much anything can be put into a coaster or tray!

Nekkid as always. Though she is a bit cold natured lol

So I combined my love of art and my love of resin making and started making coasters with anime characters and pictures of early movie stars. People seemed to like them and they sold pretty well.

Evelyn Nesbit, silent screen star and the world’s first super model

Then I had a thought, why not combine my love of resin making with my love of nudism? Thus my “nekkid ladies (and gents)” coasters were born. I used old images harvested from the interwebs and attempted to make them as vintage looking as possible.

Unfortunately, the world is not so ready to accept such things, and the only one I managed to move was in a trade with another artist (artists appreciate the human form!).

So I thought “Why not open sales up to anyone who reads my blog and share a bit of the love?”

Currently these are what I have in stock (“pasties” are easily removed shiny tape, had to use them for “decency” 🙄) :

#4, the mica kinda got in front of her face, but I like it…
#6, the color pattern is because I didn’t fully treat the photo. But I think it looks kinda cool.
#7, glow in the dark
#8, glow in the dark

I’m also open to commissions and bulk orders. I can take any image you want, print it discretely, and turn it into the most awesome coaster set or tray that any nudist has ever seen!

Show off your nudist pride, remember a vacation, showcase your appreciation for the human form, or just order to have something fun and unique!

Currently each coaster is $10. Buy two and get the third free! Trays are $15. Shipping will vary depending on order size.

How to order:

Pick from the current inventory or:

Send any image or images to

Let me know the items you want and any color preferences. I can use alcohol dye or mica powder for coloring. I even have glow in the dark!

I will work with you to make sure you get the absolute best product for your money!

Currently I accept Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, and Square (credit/debit cards) as payment.

Thanks for reading! I promise I will write more soon.

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Feel free to tip me if you like what you see on this site:

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