Naked Facebook

It’s been forever since I posted here. Just like everyone else, 2020 has been hell for me. However my situation was personal, not social isolation. I didn’t get locked inside for months on end like most of the world. I have spent most of this year trapped in clothes, which is itself somewhat hellish. But the real hell of this year was the loss of someone and the ramifications that came with that.

But it wasn’t all loss this year. Nudism is booming. With quarantine it appears that more people have discovered the comfort and freedom of nude living.

I started a Facebook group wayyyy back in 2005 (or 2007? I don’t remember) and until about a month ago it consisted of maybe 15 people who never posted anything. It was quiet and most of the time I completely forgot it existed.

Then something insane happened. Hundreds of requests started rolling in.

I was overwhelmed immediately. And I was approving people right and left.

Then the perverts started popping up. I was quickly reminded of why I started this page. Nudism attracts a strange crowd, a cross section of the world from all walks of life. Unfortunately this also includes people who think the human body is nothing more than a sexual object for them to drool over and covet.

What’s with some dudes thinking it’s OK to send unsolicited pictures of their junk to people? A penis is a penis is a penis. Once you’ve seen one, you’ve pretty much seen them all. Sending it to some strange woman (or man) really isn’t going to make her/him fall in love with you. And asking over and over again for pictures of her isn’t going to do the trick either.

This is not what nudism is about and it gives the wrong impression to people who are just popping in to learn a little about the lifestyle. Thankfully, volunteers came out of the woodwork and I was able to recruit a few admins and mods. The Wild West was calmed again.

All this to say: if you are a true nudist and want to join a big group of like-minded folks, I have a group for you!

Be sure to answer all the questions and agree to the rules or you won’t be accepted!

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