Sunday Morning Musings

What would the world be like if we were very small? Would we ever wear clothes at all?

Yeah, crappy rhyme. But I always imagine what it would be like if people were ten times smaller than they are. Imagine how far the resources would go.

One ear of corn could feed a whole family. But we would have no way to farm it. Our entire diet would be different. We could only harvest the tiniest of seeds and nuts. We would raise insects for “meat” or forgo it entirely. Of course we may end up somewhere at the bottom of the food chain given our slow relative speed to other animals.

Instead of harvesting entire trees we would drag sticks for our needs. We would probably avoid living near forests entirely for fear of being crushed by giant trees. We’d have to live in grass “forests” since any other ecosystem would probably be too hot or too cold. We would bake to death on dessert sands.

Every rain storm would be devastating. Every snowfall a blizzard.

I think we are perfectly scaled to live on this planet. I would never want to be tiny. Or giant for that matter.

What does this have to do with nudism? Nothing really. Just a musing on a Sunday morning.

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