Naked Psychology

It’s been forever since I have written here. Life’s pretty hellish right now.

But I have had plenty of time to think about something glaring to me: how truly annoying swimming costumes are.

Who is more comfortable?

In the past couple months I’ve been to a resort and to the beach a couple of times. Not nude ones unfortunately. For some reason the only bathing suit I have is composed of lots of thick fabric.

It sucks. A lot.

Aside from my own discomfort I couldn’t help but notice the movements of the women around me. Constant adjustments. Every thirty seconds or so pulling at their butts or pulling up their tops. It seems a constant fight to just keep the things on.

It’s almost like the body is rejecting it.

And for what? What are you really covering? Most of these people wouldn’t dream of leaving the house in just their underwear (another useless article, but I digress) but they are perfectly content to be at the beach wearing much less than normal undies cover. Unless you’re me and for some reason have a pair that is practically pants.

The discomfort comes in several ways. At the pool and hot tub it’s bubbles. I am constantly having to push the air out so I don’t float away. How much better to just let the bubbles delicately tickle the skin and dissipate naturally? It’s like they were made for nude skin!

At the beach it’s the sand. Sand gets in that suit and chafes. With a vengeance. “How dare you trap me in here with you!” It seems to shout.

Don’t even get me started on the clinging.

What gets me is that people choose this. Obviously most places they don’t have a choice, like everywhere I went. They wear “suits” because the laws are backwards and require them to. Not only that but private resort owners believe that they have to have dress rules to keep children safe and their adult customers happy. There are legal and social fears that drive people to wear silly outfits just to get wet.

But what is it in places like the beach pictured above? Obviously there are no laws. Obviously no one is in fear for their children’s safety. And socially? No one’s batting an eyelash.

It was depressing for me to wear a swim suit where I had to. I can’t imagine what strange mindset it takes to wear one where you don’t have to. For me the rule is simple: when you have the option to wear clothes or not to always choose the not to.

Especially if there is sand or water involved.

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One comment

  1. Totally true. Swimsuits are the most ridiculous symbol of fashion’s hold on vanity and style over function.
    I’m angered to the point of screaming any time I’m forced to wear a garment to swim or lay on a beach. I truly don’t think I’ve ever seen a human look better or more comfortable wearing swim wear than nude.


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