Bare Naked Feet

I read one of those time waster articles the other day about travel etiquette on airplanes, one particular suggestion stuck out to me. The article clearly states that bare feet are illegal on planes. Of course I had to question this, as I’ve seen it also stated, incorrectly, that bare feet are illegal while driving and in stores. What I found after searching of course, is that they are not illegal on planes, but highly discouraged for sanitary and social reasons.

Being a nudist in a textile world means that often the only thing that we get to bare is our feet. This makes me particularly sensitive to telling me that I can’t be barefoot in certain places. As for the plane, it may make sense for sanitary reasons, especially if one has cuts on their feet, to at least wear socks because you don’t know what kind of air sickness people may have had in there. But for social reasons, shoes are sillier than even clothing itself.

Bare feet have been around for millenia. In fact, I would say they were probably the norm for more history than shoes have been. But since we live in a funny world, even the common sight of toes offends some people.

As with most things regarding the human body, the United States has some of the weirdest etiquette rules about feet. Sure there are some places where bare feet are commonly accepted, such as the beach or public swimming facilities. But some people don’t even like to be barefoot in their own home. Feet are seen as disgusting, ugly, or unsanitary.

I have noticed also that it is far more common to see women going barefoot then men. Men are even discouraged from wearing sandals because their toes are more “ugly” than women’s. Being barefoot is way more socially acceptable for women. Even growing up I thought I was a weird boy because I like to be barefoot. I considered it feminine.

I think it’s high time we start changing the culture’s perspective of the naked human foot. Bare feet are no more or less clean than shoes in outdoor environments, and are actually much cleaner in indoor environments.

They are also not ugly, quite the contrary, they are part of God’s perfect design of the body. They are no less beautiful than hands or eyes or a smile.

Who knows, maybe one day, if we can change people’s minds about feet, we can change their minds about the rest of the human body.

That would be a great day indeed.

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