Naked Sleep

Do you sleep nude or in pajamas? Maybe you sleep in just a pair of ratty old boxers or some panties and a bra. As a nudist I prefer to live my life naked as much as possible, that means sleeping nude even when traveling.

Sleeping nude is pretty common. It’s probably one of the only things “textiles” do nude almost as frequently as they shower. In fact, a recent poll in one of the Christian Facebook groups I’m in showed that a large percentage that group slept naked, which was surprising to me honestly.

Many of the “pj’s” group said that they used to sleep naked until they had kids. It’s sad to me that people are so worried about kids seeing simple nudity that they would deny themselves the pleasure and health benefits of sleeping in the buff.

Some people said they typically sleep nude at home, but when traveling or visiting places they will wear something to bed. This is funny to me, what host would peak in on you in your sleep? Night time is about the only nekkid time I get while traveling or visiting family. You’d better believe I take advantage!

Perhaps there are some circumstances where it makes sense to wear clothes to bed. During a big storm perhaps, or if there is some other big potential for an emergency wake up. I know of several people who worry about intruders and wear something to bed just in case. Personally I think many intruders would be terrified to see my hairy ass running down the hall after them!

Once, when I was a teenager there was a comet that was going to be at its peak brightness one particular evening. My mom said she would wake me up for it. I got up the next morning angry that she had not gotten me out of bed. Apparently she had. I went out and looked at the comet and didn’t remember a thing! To this day I still have not gotten up the courage to ask if I had clothes on or not! Maybe, just for that night, I could have suffered through a pair of boxers to bed.

I say that, but there have been instances in my life when I went to bed in underwear only to wake up naked with no clue where they went. I think I ate them…

To each his own I suppose. Wear uncomfortable, binding, sweaty clothes to bed, or be like me and be free and comfortable.

The choice is yours.

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  1. All things equal, I sleep much better in the nude.

    Incidentally, I just read your “Normative Nudity” and was going to comment, but the link says that the original has been deleted. Any ideas what happened?


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