Naked Networking

This week I want to highlight a few naturist related social connections I have made recently.

There are tons of nudist sites out there that claim to be social networks. So far I have not found one that wasn’t a guise for a dating site or filled with creepy dudes who just like to post a bunch of photos of their junk. What is it with dudes and their junk?

I recently returned to an old format of social network called a “forum”. A “forum” is like a long format “chat room”…. Dang it. Millenials will never understand this! Nah. I’m joking. A little.

Back in my college days I was a part of a forum called the Young Naturist Association International (YNAI). It was a forum for people under 30 to discuss naturist related topics. It was great! I met a few people on there and even got to hang out with one of them in person a few times. After college I got a bit distracted and visited less and less. I am actually an admin, which I forgot about until writing this post. The site has all but disappeared since most of the admins have moved on but there are still a few active threads.

It was replaced by a new forum which is essentially the same thing but as I have recently discovered they are not so strict about the age limits. After nearly five years away I was able to come right back to the International Young Naturist Organization. It was like I never left.

I highly recommend this forum to anyone looking for good discussions about naturist and non-naturist related topics.

Another couple of recommendations I have are people I have found on Steemit.

The first is @affexiii, he is from Colorado Springs, Colorado. He has posted several family friendly nudist workouts on Dtube. I can tell you from experience his videos are very helpful and are a workout!

The second is @bodyscape, she posts art photos of herself, among other things. They may not be naturist per set, but I get the impression that she has a favorable attitude towards the subject. And unlike a couple of other nude posters out there, she is not a plagiarist.

Well, that’s all I have this week. I hope you enjoy the forums and the people!

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