Naked Obsession

If you’ve been following this blog you may think that I am a bit obsessed with nudity. Well, that is the subject of this blog. I won’t lie, I am a bit obsessed. I take every chance I can to be nude. I live most of my life in the nude. Nudity in art, movies, etc. are my forte.

But is it everything?


There are facets to my life. As Shrek would say “I have layers.” I am a married Christian father. I love art and music. I enjoy way too many Netflix shows. I have yet to find a beer or liquor I don’t like. I like photography (and if you go to my Steemit page you’ll see some).

Basically I am a normal guy. I just like to be nude.

Nudity is both a large and a small part of my life. Large because it’s the most identifiable thing about me, if you should happen to spy on me. Small because it’s so natural to me I hardly think about it unless I’m restricted from it. The smallness makes it difficult to write week after week about it.

What you read here is often the result of an outburst of productivity. I had several thoughts, so I ran with them.

If they seem short and trite, it’s probably because at that moment I had nothing deeply profound to say about being naked. Most of my thoughts about being naked can be summed up as “this is awesome!”

“This is awesome!” hardly creates in- depth blog posts.

I suppose I could resort to responding to other blogs. I could take some pictures of my nude adventures and describe them (wait, that requires traveling money).

I could solicit my audience for ideas.

Anyone out there have an idea for good nudity related blog topics?

No. You don’t have to respond. I’m just being silly. I’m sure if I make sure to write on every impulse I can probably keep this thing going.

How “normal” are you, dear readers? How major or minor is nudity in your life?

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