Naked Health

Ah, relaxing!

I sit here fully clothed in an air conditioned room ironically writing about the health benefits of being naked in the outdoors. But here goes:

Outdoor nudity is good for mental, emotional, and physical health.

Lately I have been super stressed. Despite my nearly complete naked living my anxiety has been on hyper drive lately. One thing that I have found to be especially effective at chasing away the anxious feeling is to sunbathe.

Laying out in the sun gives me time to think and sort out the things that clog my head. It’s hard to think anxious thoughts when you hear birds chirping and smell the fresh air. Not only that but the breeze is damn near intoxicating on my bare skin.

Sunbathing is not only a good way to get fresh air, it’s a great way to get vitamin D. Vitamin D is a vitamin that helps in mood regulation, memory, and brain health. It also helps bones absorb calcium and aids in disease resistance. It has even been shown to help prevent skin cancer (good news for nudists everywhere!).

Emotionally there is nothing like feeling comfortable in your own body. While I don’t get to be socially naked very often, the times I have had the opportunity were amazing. There is an indescribable feeling when you see others nude and they see you nude. All judgments go out the window and you truly realize that all mankind is equal and beautiful.

When you are naked with others you lose all your hang-ups about your body. You realize that no matter how bad you may think you look it does not matter in the grand scheme of things. All of us have bodies, all of us have scars, all of us have lumps and hair, all of us bear the marks of life.

If you still care about what you look like, nudism is a great motivation to get in shape. Most people want a good “bathing suit bod”, but nudists work for a great “nekkid bod”! Of course we realize that great bodies come in a range. Even if you aren’t working for a “great” body it still feels incredible to work out in the nude. Swimming, running, bike riding, and lifting weights are all much better in the buff.

Social games are also a blast. It’s impossible to find a nudist club without a volleyball net somewhere on the property. I’ve even seen soccer played in the nude. For the more adventurous types there is wrestling, which was invented as a nude sport by the Greeks.

Yes, there are many healthy people out there who still cling to their rags, but man are they missing out. If you want good all around health it’s my opinion that naked health is the way to go!

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