What is “Orthodox” Nudism?

Nudity required

Welcome to my new site, “Orthodox Nudism: Reclaiming Nudism From the Crazies”.

What is “Orthodox” nudism you may ask?

Well, if you’ve been a nudist for awhile, like I have, you may have noticed a strong slide in nudism into other topics, like sexuality, or identity politics. “Orthodox” nudism is concerned not for these things, but for a simple return back to the good old days of simply living naked.

Through these pages I hope to bring back some sanity to the nudist lifestyle. I want to make people less afraid of nudism, and attract more families and younger people (groups quickly disappearing from nudism altogether) to the lifestyle, by bringing back the original focus of nudism on health and comfort.

What Orthodox Nudism Is:

A joy in living simply and nude

A focus on family and social nudity

An appreciation for the human body in all its shapes and sizes

What Orthodox Nudism Isn’t:

A focus on sex or sexuality

A politicization of the human body and nudity

Voyeurism or exhibitionism

An excuse for swinger get-togethers or retiree soirees consisting of dirty old men and their equally dirty wives

An over-emphasis on image and “looking good”

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it.


5 thoughts on “What is “Orthodox” Nudism?

  1. Welcome to the nudist blogosphere. Great to read from fellow nudists who share their open passion for the most wonderful lifestyle ever: social nudism! I look forward to reading your posts!

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    1. Being male, and a nudist, it’s a long time coming where my body doesn’t offend those who think it’s dirty or disgusting. My wife knows I love being naked out in the open, beach mainly, but does’t like to even think of taking part herself. I love who I am and am comfortable with my body and my lifestyle. Thanks for this site, may grow very large.


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